Living in Cairo

I know some of you are wondering why I don't post more about living in Cairo.

First, it's kinda hard to describe. Second, I don't really know how I feel about living here yet. It's pretty new to me.

Today I was walking on Road 9, which has a lot of shops and eateries and several bookstores (thus the attraction). The road was pretty jammed and I saw the thing that always makes me know I’m not in Kansas anymore, and I snapped a quick pic. (see it?)

Earlier, I had eaten breakfast with a friend at a yoga center called Osana. Lots of green grass and trees and fresh smoothies with wheatgrass boosters--you can almost imagine this being in Santa Fe or even Chicago, if it weren’t so warm.

Later, when I got home, I met up with my housekeeper who had promised to help me get my internet working. Six weeks and still no luck with it. So he did exactly what people in the USA do when their internet doesn’t work. He brought in his 18-year-old son. And sure enough, within 15 minutes my internet worked for the first time. Ever.

Some things in Cairo are the same. Some things in Cairo are very different.

And I’m enjoying finding out what all those things are.


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