WHO AM I?   

In 2013, I quit my well-paying, stable, Chicago-based job as a book editor and ​leapt into the unknown. I wandered about for awhile in an Avalair travel trailer, having adventures that included a fire and a jagged hole. I parked it for the winter (I thought) in Santa Fe. I ended up staying for nearly three years, completing a teaching certificate and teaching 5th grade for two years. Right now, I'm housesitting (trustedhousesitters.com) or volunteering (workaway.com) wherever seems a good match.

Living THOROUGHLY has become a priority not just because I'm in the second half of my life, but because people very close to me have passed on. Death has a funny way of making you look real close at life. 

I began Irish dance lessons. I've been practicing handstands. I'm learning to juggle. I want to scuba dive. And hike Kungsleden. And....and.....and...